Waroeng Bonita

Home Cooking from The Islands


(prices in -000 Rp.)

Vegetarian Lumpiafresh spring rolls with peanut sauce 28
Chicken Lumpiafresh spring rolls with peanut sauce 30
Gado-Gado, Indonesian steamed vegetables with peanut sauce 28
Mixed Green Salad with vinaigrette 22
Calamari Bunaken, crispy fried calamari rings with tartar sauce 35
Shrimp Avocado with cocktail sauce 35
Fresh Vietnamese Spring Roll, chilli dressing sauce 30
Green Mango Salad with spicy Thai sauce and grilled chicken 30


Pumpkin Soup 25
Sweet Corn Soup 30
Crab Corn Soup 38
Tom Yum Koong, spicy Thai shrimp soup with bamboo shoots 40


Cap Cay, Chinese-style stir with chicken or seafood vegetables 40
Javanese Satay Skewers of barbecued chicken 55
Javanese Satay Skewers of barbecued beef 60
Nasi Goreng à la Bonita Home-style fried rice, topped by egg, tasty chicken and shrimp 68
Mie Goreng Fried noodles with seafood and vegetables 48
Chicken Curry, Indonesia-style, Mildly spiced, with chunks of fresh pineapple 48
Ayam Rica-Rica Chicken in spicy chili sauce 48
Grilled Chicken, with woku sauce 65
Seafood Rica-Rica Seafood in Sulawesi-style spicy chili sauce 65
Beef Rendang Sumatra’s famous beef stew, rich and creamy with coconut milk/em> 75
Soup Buntut The Indonesian classic, rich oxtail soup, available regular 95
Soup Buntut The Indonesian classic, rich oxtail soup, available fried 97
Gurame Goreng Succulent fried freshwater fish, Sundanese-style with rice and vegetables 77
Gurame Asam Manis, Succulent sweet sour fried freshwater fish 80
Crispy fire fish, served with french fries 75
Grilled King Prawn Rendang 95
Snapper Sulawesi Style snapper fillet in spicy lemon grass/sauce 75


Fish and Chips with french fries, tartar sauce 42
Grilled Ahituna Steak, with tomato comfit, rosmary potato, and mix salad 65
Grilled Chicken Breast, in lemon sauce served with rosmary potato and vegetable 65
Chicken Quesadillas, sliced grill chicken, mozarella cheese, capsicum in tortillas mexican style, served with salsa, guacomole and sour cream/td> 68
Grilled Fillet of Snapper, served with garlic, lemon, tomato, cucumber, bali basil sauce 75
Tasmanian Salmon al Forno – generous tranche of baked fresh salmon with green beans creamy green pepper sauce 175
Tenderloin of Beef, imported beef fillet, grilled to your order, mashed potatos, pear chutney, and mix salad, black pepper sauce 195
Grill Beef Steak, local beef served with rosmary potatos, mushroom sauce 95
Roasted Rack of Lamb New Zealand lamb chops, mashed potatoes with orange carrot sauce 270


Vegetarian Penne, with eggplant, tomato, mozzarella and Ligurian black olives 47
Spaghetti Seafood Rica-Rica – Bonita’s own creation, seafood in a Sulawesi-style chili sauce 52
Spaghetti Tuna – with garlic and chili sauce 49
Tagliatelle Salmon Carbonara, in creamy white-wine sauce, served with baby spinach 65


Jasmine Rice 8
Mixed Vegetables 19
Rosemary Potatoes 17
French Fries 20


Fruit Plate 25
Pisang Gorengfried bananas with ice cream 25
Ice Cream – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla 24
Turkish Orangearomatic orange slices with vanilla ice cream 37
Crème Brûlée 32
Chocolate Moeulleux rich – very chocolate cake with a soft center chocolate ice cream 38
Crepe Banana with ice cream and server with honey 25
Coconut Cake with ice cream 27

Note : All Prices are Subject to 10% tax

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