The BonitaBali story begins in 2003, when Bonita, the celebrated Indonesian fashion designer, moved his base of operations from Jakarta to Bali. The first business in the BonitaBali family was Waroeng Bonita, the funky-chic café on Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak, which opened in March 2004. This lovely garden restaurant serves authentic home cooking from throughout the archipelago, alongside creative Western cuisine and a full range of cocktails. Waroeng Bonita was an instant hit, based on its reputation for excellent food, elegant atmosphere, friendly service, and the flamboyant personality of the owner, famed for his glamorous, extravagant costumes – always topped with a fabulous hat! Waroeng Bonita has established itself as a favorite for tourists, local residents, and creative fashion and film people from Jakarta on holiday in Bali.

The success of Waroeng Bonita inspired Bonita to open an intimate spa in 2005, located in an adjoining courtyard behind the café. Bonita Spa provides the best massage service in the Seminyak area, and has been booked nearly solid since it opened. In 2007, Bonita opened another restaurant, Waroeng Sulawesi, a traditional Indonesian warung serving the spicy, exotic cuisine of Bonita’s own native island in a pleasant garden setting off Jalan Petitenget. Like all Bonita’s enterprises, it has been popular and busy since it opened.

Now Bonita has opened his most ambitious business yet: BONITABALI LAND INVESTIGATOR. Using extensive contacts cultivated over four years of operating businesses in Bali, Bonita goes into the villages and countryside of the island, seeking beautiful new properties to open for the market. Since Bonita deals directly with the owners of the land, if you buy or lease property with BONITABALI LAND INVESTIGATOR, you may be assured of the best prices, with no middle man to artificially inflate the price. Bonita will be glad to connect you with a full range of expert services, from qualified legal representatives who will assure you of a secure, enforceable contract; to architects and builders who can construct an elegant holiday home for you in the height of style, for a nice price.

In five years of doing business in Bali, BONITA has established itself as a brand name to be trusted. BONITABALI LAND INVESTIGATOR has already become the company of choice for discriminating investors seeking the most beautiful properties in Bali, and friendly, reliable service in this booming island paradise.

BONITABALI Land Investigator

The real estate market in Bali just keeps getting hotter and hotter! Smart investors looking for the most gorgeous land, the best prices and the most secure leaseholds on the the paradise island can now turn to Bonita: the successful restaurant and spa company in the heart of Seminyak has launched Bonitabali Land Investigator, a new company that is conducting a wide-ranging search for scenic, well-located parcels of land, through an extensive network of contacts with the local villages. Bonita finds the land and offers it directly to the investor, without the involvement of “middle men” and packagers. Working with top local legal advisors and talented architects and builders based in Bali, Bonita will make the dream of luxurious holiday home or rental property for investment come true, at the best prices possible.

Bonitabali Land Investigator scours the island off the beaten track, before the big corporate real-estate firms arrive, and prices go sky high. This feisty new company specializes in rural estates in the island’s south, within easy driving distance of the glittering nightlife and sophisticated shopping of Seminyak: Forested riverside plots, ocean views, and protected greenbelt areas are on offer. Bonita deals directly with the land’s owners, in their own language, and brings the property directly to the investor. You can thus be sure of getting the best possible price and, by partnering with a respected locally owned business, the most secure households.

Bonitabali Villa Explorer also offers a wide range of leisure properties for visitors seeking a private retreat to rent – from a week in a magnificent seaside villa to a long-term residential lease.

The return on investment in land in Bali remains stunningly lucrative and secure. With Bonitabali as a partner, smart investors will be assured of turning a good profit – and making the dream of owning a patch of paradise become a reality.